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Image result for pearly kingYou sleep in your vodka stained bed

Dreaming of the tragic past,

And the hopeless future.

The house weeps

As I gaze from the moving bus.

I dream.

Did you know

How much time we had?

We danced around the Pearly King

Hoping he would save us.




Brimble Cottage

IMG_1623Tucked away on Dartmoor;

Vibrant life among the ancient stones.


Life building on the past;

Romantic decay.


Reprieve from a merciless pace

Of automatic messages.

The flashing motto,


Cemented to every high-rise.


The cock crows the hour.

The ponies make their daily pilgrimage

Along the narrow hedgerow.


Honeysuckle morning;

Lavender purple.

The bees explore.

Gold encrusted legs

Fit for a queen.


Stone cross along the roadway

Cannot weather a millennia

Slowly melting into a monolith.


A father’s nuptial speech

For his golden-haired daughter.

Attentive and authentic;

Like the love that binds them.


Four generations share

Elusive time.

The silence,

As much as the conversation,

Will strengthen

The family.



In a courtyard.

I write,

As the equine God observes.






The Great War

Image result for 1913 womanHands folded


Nails dig into skin.

Corset bound.





Enough to keep alive.

The truseau chest;

Life’s blood,

Her reason for being.

Started at ten;

Finished at eighteen.

Ready for the


Linen and

Embroidered bedsheets.

Victorian propriety

Her only weapon

Against the

Coming storm;



Damn the War.




Image result for british galleon in harbourBlood, brine and flesh

I dream

In the belly of the



Ripe and fertile,

Full  of life.

She died in my arms.


The cicadas sin???????????????????????????????g

As the sun

Dips below the treeline.

Even the wolves wait;

Hungry anticipation.

We found a blanket

Hidden in a

Trunk in the attic.

Wine wrapped


Our offering.

In the clearing

We will

Toast the

Mystery of

The dying day.






7b02e6b3714f17c26613e679bec8d52eLiquid darkness is her shroud

Where once lovers walked.

Fish swim like birds over her deck.


Hubris writ large in the stars.

The stories never remembered;

The tiny child in third class.

Hiding under a now-rusty bed

The cameras found her doll.



Turning the corner
In a foreign land
The light plays tricks on the mind.
The stone fortress lies
Like an enchanted princess.
Tendrils of ivy
Providing a canopy;
A fairy tale domain.
A panoply of offerings adorn:
Cloth, paper and metal
Offerings to a noble god.
At the heart
A labyrinth .

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