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No Questions


The Gloaming



Ply-board where windowsIMG_0308

Should be.

“We don’t speak of them.”

Her eyes turn away.

“Bad news.”

Absence of sun;

Contained darkness

and secrets.

“One day they just weren’t there.”

“A blessing really.”

Where did they go?











Rural History


Our lady of the Garden




Embodiment of bounty.IMG_0310

Mysterious and powerful.

Life giving.

You flow through


Around me.

I stand before you-



It was in the silence

Of the night

She came to him.

As she entered:  

The scent of Frankincense;

Purification of space.

The sound of wind through the trees,

The buzzing honey bee heavy with pollen.

A lover’s sigh;

Ecstatic contentment.

As she exhaled apples would ripen.

With her smile wine would flow.

Without words she shared

Divine illumination.

His hand would dance

Across the page;

Passionate consummation

Of  words.

In the morning he would wake

Alone and spent.

Her scent lingering in the air.

Heralding his Metamorphosis.


The Windmill






He didn’t talk about his feelings;

He drank them away.

She raged against life.

Pulling down what remained;

Blaming it for living.


The culture of silence was born.

How do I pull back the curtain;

Shine a light on this?

And learn from their mistakes.

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