The Eternal Idol

Auguste Rodin, “The Eternal Idol”

Geothe-“Faust,”  Part Two

I just discovered this amazing sculpture by Rodin.  I knew about the thinker, and the kiss, but I had never heard of this one before my search.

There is an intimacy between them- just before or after a more intimate moment.  Only his face touches her-is it a kiss?  The way the statue is positioned in the gallery, it is hard to tell.  He faces away from us.

It is hard to find a picture of the other side of her body, where we can see his face more clearly.  There are other copies of “the Eternal Idol,” but they are not the same as Rodin- they have changed her face somehow.

She is serene; her body is positioned to complement his, she is clearly separate from him-almost aloof.  A symbol.

His hands are behind his back-restraint and submission.  There is a tenderness communicated through his body- a childlike quality.




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