Your arms embrace the universeImage result for pirate historical

Seeking to understand

Through a crystal eye.

Dreaming  of ports

Under the Northern Lights;

Stars dance.

Only fifteen

She died

In a debtors,


You said you would save her.

She stood on the pier


Dry with despair.

You waved.

Knowing you would fail.

The undulating sea

Brings you home.





Love letter to C

They found your name

In an ancient language.

Mysterious something

Brought to life.

Crimson tinged:

Life’s blood made real

By your spell.

Danger hides within the seed.

It is a

Smooth transition

From pain to pleasure

As they sew you up

The Summerhouse

You must bearFile:Medieval woman by H.J. Ford.jpg

Even this.

Her left hand

Will try to rub the scar away.

The wedding band;

Coils like a snake.

Her wedding bower

A tomb.

They bring brick and mortar,

And look away when she stands watching.

Where could she run?

The  kind old woman brings her fresh grapes and bread.

Her son’s eyes;

The colour of sun on the sea

Promise more.


She sits alone at the feast;Image result for medieval woman painting

A foreign bride in a foreign land.

Her Lord circles the room

Like the sun in the sky

From dusk until dawn.

Their language

Sounds like a song.

Shy furtive glances

Caress her.

She the unknown


A gift,

Pulled from her mother’s arms.

Land and sea

A lifetime away.

In her cupped hand

She smells home.


Related imageIt was in the clouds of the sunrise

I heard his voice.

Full with the blush

Of a ripe peach;

The taste of exploration.


He called me;

As close as a lover’s whisper,

As clear as a command.

He told me his name

Nothing more.

Perhaps it was enough.


Name knowing,

Now we can find

Each other in the dark.



Image result for hands holding soil free imageThe sun rises on the fertile soil;

Heels are exchanged for hoes.

Action is the spine in the body.

The statue of mother shadows the maiden.

Breath is magic.

We dream of Avalon

While planning for Ever-After.

The paper thin lines of life

Keep us humble.


I slip into myself

An awkward child

All legs and arms.


Eyes furtive

A bull calf

Trying spindly legs

This world

So large.

The God calls

And I answer.

Images are atoms.

I love.

Open to all

Life will unfold

As it will;

And I grow.


Image result for pearly kingYou sleep in your vodka stained bed

Dreaming of the tragic past,

And the hopeless future.

The house weeps

As I gaze from the moving bus.

I dream.

Did you know

How much time we had?

We danced around the Pearly King

Hoping he would save us.





Image result for lips of a statueHe carried a pitchfork

And a hoe.

I dreamed of

Innocent and hard passion

In the back of the bus.

We played tug of war with our eyes

And no more.

I am a widow,

Mourning for the

Death of us.


She exhales

A few brief moments to hear her thoughts

The room surrounds her

The pen

A lover,

Soft and smooth

Gliding across the page .

Spell speaker,

Truth teller,

“I dream “

The lines dance,

Male seeking female;

Positive to negative

Open and ready.


Out the


And dream.

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