She entered unannounced

Her voice

Soft as an autumn breeze

A lover’s caress.

She silenced the chaos.

Apple scented beauty

Just out of reach.



She said.

And so you wait.



Bee Loved


Eye on the Moon

full moon

Full Moon

Moon 2

Diary (England 1916)

His awkward writing

No better than my own.

Eager to be understood.

A century away-

But still

I connect.

the dawn:

Unabashed appreciation;

Of life,

Of nature.



Change us all.

We are both pulled to a

Foreign land.


It made us;

Still calls.

Time doesn’t change;

It just smiles.


My beloved;
Elusive one.
Scent of
Feral honey and
Satin cloaked in
My heart
When you
Words dance around you:

Why, if, may I, when?

Colours blend;
In the gloaming.
Mars and Venus
Your kiss;
Out of chaos.

A Complicated Love

She threw her pain down
Like a gauntlet.
A toy for a
Small child;
A game.
Badge of courage;
Strength under fire.
Too much truth
Can do much damage.

I Will Try…

May I grow to be the person I admire:
To ignore the thoughts that drag me down;
Search for courage;
Believe in myself;
Silence my doubts;
Create for myself and others;
Stand up for what I believe;
Build a home to nurture the world,
And live without fear.

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